5 Critical Steps To Increasing The Security Of Your Investment Properties

Just pick a tenant and wait for the rent money to come in for people who own rental properties. You have to create sure that you’re taking concern of the place. To make sure that the homes you own get the best rents and cost you the least in the long run, you need to be very careful about taking care of them.

Plus, it would help if you thought about ways to make good renters want to stay in your homes for a long time, so you don’t have to keep looking for new people and lose money for weeks. One idea is to make sure that your places are comfortable and safe. They also want to know that their children, pets, and things aren’t at risk from thieves or people who have bad intentions. You can do five things now to make your investment homes safer in 2022 and after that.

Enhance Visibility and Eliminate Hiding Spots

The first thing to do is make it more difficult for thieves to hide. They can use these places to scope out properties and hide when they’re doing bad things. You can make your home better visible by cutting back or removing trees, shrubs, vines, etc. This will create it less possible for people to try to break into or damage your home.

Employ Managers or Security Officers on-site

It’s also good to have people on-site focused on security, whether on-site managers or hired security guards. These options are best if you own a lot of units or retirement homes or if the cost is worth it. People who own properties worth a lot of money and charge a lot of rent should use these services.

Make Sure There Is Proper Light

Lighting is important, too. It would help if you had enough outdoor lights at rental properties so that people don’t try to do bad things there. The more well-lit an area is, the less of a target it is. You can use solar-powered lights to light up pathways, front and back doors, fence gates, etc. They don’t price a lot to run, but they make your home safer. For people who own units or villages, you’ll also want to put lights in hallways, stairwells, between buildings, etc. Having the lights turn on when they sense movement is a good idea because they don’t need to run all the time.

Secure Windows

Don’t cut corners when it reaches to protect your homes and business windows. If the windows seem small or high up, they might not be very useful to burglars. They still use them to get into and leave homes and buildings. Do not give people a reason to try to break in this way. People can be creative and persistent, so don’t give them a reason to try to break in this way.

It doesn’t matter whether the windows are on the ground floor or high up or near fire escapes, street lights, or anywhere else. All of them need working locks, no matter where they are. Add security bars or screens to windows in areas where crime is more common or in units or homes with ground-floor windows that criminals might want to break in through. Another thing to think about is window sensors that sound an alarm if someone tries to mess with the locks.

Secure Doors

Finally, pay attention to the doors. It’s very important to ensure that all of the entrance and exit points are safe. The doors should be made of strong, durable materials like wood or steel, not hollow ones that are easy to damage or break into. They may look good and fashionable, but glass doors or ones with some glass panels aren’t the safest options because the glass can be broken.

The doors with peepholes are another thing to keep in mind when looking at them. This way, tenants can see who’s outside before opening the door. Security screens and chain locks are also a good idea for extra safety. Locks with deadbolts are ideal, especially double-cylinder deadbolts. People who have doors near windows that burglars could break and then reach through to open them should buy these.

Also, it’s a good idea to put security cameras and alarms near the doors of homes to keep them safe. These deter criminals and can be bought and installed for a low price these days. There are five ways to make sure that your investment property is safe. They may cost some money and time to figure out, but they are usually worth it. You will make your tenants happier, get higher rental rates, and avoid fixing damage to your properties that you’ll have to pay to fix in the long run.