After the age of 60, a slight headache can be the cause of a fatal stroke


Sixty headaches after sixty can be the cause of a fatal stroke

A former American president died suddenly. He was admitted to the hospital with a slight sinus infection. Slight body aches, mild shaking, dizziness, discomfort. He fell asleep forever. There was nothing left to do but cry, regret, despair. President’s name is Gerald Ford. Every 45 seconds a stroke strikes in America itself. In many cases the symptoms of stroke are not given due importance. The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left.

The main cause of stroke

The slightest symptoms that can cause a stroke are, respectively, numbness of the face. Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision in one or both eyes. Dizziness in the head. Choice headaches for no reason. Usually all these symptoms are avoided. Age is given as an excuse. It is never said that these are nothing.

The symptoms of a stroke can be varied, depending on the area of ​​the brain. Depending on how widespread and severe the outbreak of stroke is. The average life expectancy of a person has decreased a lot now. Of course, reaching the age of sixty does not cause a heart attack anymore, there is a strong possibility of a stroke. Myron H. Weinberger, a well-known stroke specialist at Indiana University, reports that people over the age of 60 have a stroke almost every day without their knowledge. The severity of a stroke is known only when certain areas of the brain are damaged. A fleet of small undetectable strokes can be understood after 10-15 or 20 years. Vyava Gangaram can also become a very clever, intelligent and agile person. In medicine it is known as dementia. There are some strange symptoms of stroke that kill in important areas of the brain. For example, there is no ball in the hands and feet. Partial or complete loss of vision. Difficulty swallowing or speaking. The first major and most dangerous cause of stroke is high blood pressure. That is, uncontrolled increase in systolic pressure. Diabetes, smoking. Especially cigarettes. Excess cholesterol is also one of the causes of stroke. For example, systolic and diastolic pressures of 240 and 60 were observed respectively. 140/60 for another person. In the case of the first person, the chances of suffering from systolic and diastolic pressure stroke are very high. So not systolic pressure. The distance between the two important pressures. As the gap widens the probability of attack will increase almost proportionately. Generally, to avoid a stroke, eat less food at this age and eat the right amount of food at the right time and avoid smoking.