Are you looking for motivation? Morning motivation falls short in the evening? Learn the details to get the solution

Are you looking for motivation? Morning motivation falls short in the evening? Learn the details to get the solution.

How to work motivation:

The motivation thing works like a spark. As the fire works. In the same way, this motivation works to create an enthusiasm in what we are doing or studying. It is not the job of the sparkler to show or encourage the beginning of a fire, but to ignite it completely.

Mutual issues also need to be fixed in order to light a good fire. For example, the wood that you are planting sparks wants to be dry. Sparklers need to be planted in a proper place and so on. In the same way if you have to ignite the fire of motivation in you then you have to give encouragement in the right place and apply motivation in the right place.

What are we doing wrong?

The biggest mistake we make when it comes to motivation is to get motivation from someone. Which has no significance in my life. To put it bluntly, my life has nothing to do with it personally. For an example, you are walking down the street. On the other hand, someone you know in your circles told you that an iPhone phone is available in that shop for 10,000 rupees. Who are you going to go to the store to listen to?

Of course you can hear someone you know because you have faith in him, so no. The same thing is happening here. Hey brother don’t look around you will find many people. The biggest ones around will find their own father. Have you ever asked your sirs about their childhood?


If I talk about my personal life, I get my work motivation from one of my grandfathers. When that particular grandfather works, the brother only works. And he sees each of his work as a project. How many days has he been working on one of his projects? He doesn’t remember anything about food, time, home, family, he doesn’t even want to catch the call. In the same way, if I talk about the motivation of my reading, then the motivation of my reading is Pranavada. He does the job! He earns more than 1 lakh per month! She is married! Now if he wants he can be happy like this for the rest of his life but no he grows! The biggest motivation comes from the father. The sun, the storm, the rain all stop. The pain of the father did not stop just for us …..

So get the motivation out of these places … because only when the motivation is not emotionally connected will the fire go well. And of course the motivation must be taken from the right person in the right place! It’s not like you started smoking when you saw a millionaire. So you have to keep such things in mind.

And in fact, motivation works the way brother inspiration works. If you are really motivated for a work then you do the work but if you are inspired for a work you definitely done the work.

Once we have summarized the whole thing, the things we need to keep in mind, –

1. Get motivation from people around you
2. Try to connect yourself as much as possible with motivation.
3. You have to take the motivation from the right person.

If you only follow these three steps. Then I can say for sure that your motivation will never end!