At the age of forty, find out how to keep your body healthy, what rules to follow


Be very careful after the age of 40. After the age of 40, you can’t do all the things, there must be some obligation in your case. That means you have to follow some rules for living.

After the age of 40, do not eat eggs, eggplant, hilsa fish, boiled fish, shrimp, crab, raw salt, pulses and various salt water fish. Because they cause various diseases. You can eat a little but raw salt should not be eaten at all.

What to eat as vegetarian

Raw banana, fig, thor, mocha, sajane stalk, cow’s milk, lamb, raw egg, mango, water lily, kachu lati, chalkumro, chopped onion, sour curd, man kachu and ol. Eat one spoon of honey every morning. Only dal. Never eat. You must also eat some vegetables, such as uchche, karla, kanchakala, papaya, patal, sajne data, shrimp, gourd, radish, etc. Don’t eat, that is khesari dal. Because it increases the infection, causes knee pain and soreness. Never give two vegetables in the dal. For example, potato and bean. Because potato raises blood sugar and increases diarrhea in seams. Those who have blood sugar must walk on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also eat water soaked in raw gram, but it is more beneficial to soak it in earthen or stone containers.

Patients with high blood pressure will benefit from walking every morning. Bathing in a river or pond is beneficial. And those patients whose blood pressure is very low need rest. Excessive fasting is not at all. Digestion is not possible without hard work and if you eat and drink a lot without hard work, you will get heartburn. Along with this, there will be neck pain, stomach ache and headache and flatulence etc. Never sleep during the day, walk for half an hour after eating at night, but go to sleep. If the color of the toilet turns black, do not eat eggs. Don’t overeat. Even if it is a small amount, eat sour. Acid cleans the stomach as it cleans the dirt. Such as: – Chaltar Talk, Chhota Amra, Bilati Mango, Karamochar Talk, Kamranga, Olive Talk, Talk Yogurt etc.

Those who do not tolerate cow’s milk should prepare lamb and eat it. Do not eat any meat other than chicken meat (except broiler). If possible, eat rice and bread mixed in the afternoon. Do not eat rice at night at all. Drinking rice after lunch is beneficial. However, avoid jorda, gutka, imam, dokta, fried betel nut. Eat lime with drink to kill excess worms. Night vigils are strictly forbidden and stay away from alcohol.

Excessive eating at a heavy age is bad for the heart. However, for those who suffer from asthma, it is better not to talk too much, it is better not to eat crabs, it is better to take a bath by mixing cold and hot water between noon and noon.

People with arthritis should not sleep on the floor. Do not eat eggs and mutton. For those who have arthritis, take a bath by massaging oil on each joint before bathing. For example, massage oil on the knees, waist, ankles or where there is pain in the hands. Every human being should walk at least one to two miles every morning. Walking is a must for those who are shopkeepers or those who work in chairs. Let every child eat salad, their energy is fine, it is especially prevalent abroad especially for air pollution.

If you are 40+ years old, don’t eat flour. If you don’t eat flour, it is more beneficial. Bread soaked in milk is very beneficial.