Benefits of tamarind and its role in curing diseases


Benefits of Tamarind

Every day in our daily life one tamarind is very beneficial for our body. 5 to 18 times more than fruits. And the amount of iron is 5 to 20 times more than all other foods except coconut. It acts as an anthelmintic in the stomach of children. Tamarind helps fight cancer.

Old diarrhea

Boil 5 gms of tamarind leaves in 2 cups of water and lower it to one cup. Now fry the water with cumin seeds. Then drink that water, in three or four days you will get the benefits of old diarrhea.

In case of hemorrhoids:

Boil two cups of tamarind leaves in 4 cups of water and strain it to have caress. Mix music powder with it and eat it like sherbet.

In smallpox

If you take 3 grams of tamarind leaves equal to the yellow leaves (or, you can also take raw yellow beet) in the beet and feed it in syrup, the pods ripen quickly and the pain is cured.

Many old wounds

In case of wounds which are not healing at all, boil tamarind leaves and apply that water on the wound site, the wound heals quickly.

Arthritis pain

If the legs or knees are swollen due to arthritis, then boil tamarind leaves in palm leaves and apply a little heat on the beet to reduce the pain.

Winter bile or mango

In case of cold bile or hives, the wheels on the body become swollen and itchy.

If there is a wound in the mouth

Take some tamarind leaves, boil them in 4 cups of water, drop 2 cups left over, strain it and leave it in the mouth for a while. Cool it and do it for 10 minutes.

Burns hands and feet

Soak ripe tamarind at night, eat only a small amount of water in the morning without tamarind. This will reduce hand and foot irritation a lot.

Irritation in urine

Many people say that it is due to gonorrhea due to burning sensation during urination, but even if biliary disorders occur, there is often burning sensation in urination.

To reduce fat

Tamarind plays a major role in reducing fat. But not in the cells of his body, but in the blood. It helps to keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels and blood pressure normal. Eating a clove of garlic with tamarind but it gives good results in reducing fat. Tamarind lowers blood cholesterol levels. Controls high blood pressure in the body and is very beneficial for heart patients.

If indigestion

Tamarind enhances digestion and taste. The young leaves of tamarind contain sufficient amount of amino acids. It has been noticed that the effectiveness of old tamarind is much higher. If there is any problem of flatulence or indigestion, then old tamarind in a cup of water, it is beneficial to play with a small amount of salt, sugar and molasses. The benefits of this sherbet can be found by burning the hands and feet again. Tamarind juice is also very useful in case of flatulence, burning sensation in hands and feet, and nausea. It increases the amount of hunger. This sherbet is very useful to eliminate nausea during pregnancy. It makes saliva in the mouth.

In case of cold and cough:

Old tamarind is very useful for cold and cough. Herbal tea of ​​tamarind leaves helps in suppressing malaria fever.