How to Attract Women Without Talking

The concept of how to attract women without talking is an interesting one, and one worthy of investigation. Most communication, as many people already know, is nonverbal. This means that it’s not what you are saying that counts the most, but how you say it and what your body does when you are either speaking or listening.

Luckily for men, how to attract women without talking is pretty simple to figure out because body language is pretty easy to learn and easy to master.

1. The Wink

It’s sexy and playful, with just the right amount of mischief thrown in. It also sends a clear message. You’re not likely to wink at someone unless you are either interested or at least find them attractive… unless you have sand in your eye.

2. The Smile

When it comes to how to attract women without talking, the smile is the most important factor. A smile is worth more than a thousand words and a thousand cheesy pick up lines. A smile makes you seem non-threatening, warm and friendly, all things that women find appealing. If you are the one to smile first, it also conveys confidence, another trait that women want in their male counterparts.

So, smile at women — teeth, no teeth, it doesn’t matter, just smile. If you have dimples, you should pretty much be smiling all the time.

3. The Lean

When it comes to body language, the lean forward speaks volume. It says “I’m interested in what you are saying.” Just like the lean back says “I’m only half listening to what you say while I look around the room for girls who actually fascinate me.” Obviously, the direction you lean can mean the difference between getting a girl’s real phone number, and getting one that is fake.

4. The Eye Contact

The final piece in the how to attract women without talking quest involves eye contact: maintain it. But, maintain it with their eyes, not their breasts. Pretty much every woman in the world can tell when you are sneaking a peek at her girls, no matter how sly you think you are.

The trick with eye contact is to have enough, but not too much. Eye contact during conversation conveys respect, something all  ladies demand. But, too much eye contact can also be a little bit creepy… and leave the girl you are wooing all but certain that: 1) you are a serial killer looking for victims or 2) she has lettuce in her teeth.

The best route is to let your eyes continually move back and forth, between her eyes and other areas of the room.

5. Make her laugh

Next to confidence, the other trait all women want in men is a sense of humor. Now, this this doesn’t mean you have to be the funniest guy in the room or rattle off jokes nonstop. Instead, you just need to establish that you have the ability to make her laugh.

A well-placed joke or banter line will work wonders in making a girl laugh and therefore building attraction with women. If being funny when talking with a woman doesn’t come naturally to you, it can help to have a funny joke, story, or banter line in your back pocket ready to go when needed.

6. Make women chase you

Making women chase you can be shockingly easy. All you have to do is go out and – no matter what you’re doing or who you’re with – focus on having a damn good time. Keep a smile on your face, have fun and enjoy yourself. It will get women to notice you and excited to join in on the fun.


Thing To Avoid If You Want Her To Chase You:

If you want to be able to get girls to come up to you, without even talking to them, there’s one body language no-no that needs to be avoided: Crossing your arms. You already knew not to do this, but if you’re like most guys, you still end up doing it anyway.

Crossed arms are such a problem because more than anything else, they send a clear signal of do not approach. When girls see them, it’s almost like they have no choice, but to just give up talking to you, even if they’re interested.