Why not neglect low back pain

কোমরে ব্যাথা


Never neglect a back pain or avoid it on the pretext that it is a minor matter. Back pain is a very common ailment in most women. Many people do not pay much attention to this issue at first, especially housewives, who do not have time to take care of their son, daughter, husband, family and look after themselves.

Causes of back pain

Not only this, with the help of extra labor you can do wonders. This is especially true of women who are the mother of one or more children.

Problems with uterine prolapse can occur for a variety of reasons, such as congenital defects. However, with the onset of puberty, some symptoms appear. Sometimes in order to have many children, different parts of the uterus become loose, the ligaments become loose and part of it goes down to the vagina. May cause uterine prolapse.

There can be many problems for the uterus to come down. There is pain in the uterus, waist and back. There is also fever many times. Excessive urination and bowel movements may occur. Sometimes it hurts. It can sometimes lead to cancer. Therefore, a little older women should be careful if there is a slight such problem in the body.


* In case of mild pain, take medicine and complete rest.

* In case of severe pain, physiotherapy should be taken from the hospital as per the advice of the doctor. In this case you may have to be hospitalized for 3 to 4 weeks.

* If the pain is less then outdoor physiotherapy is given in the hospital.

* Many people take various painkillers when they have back pain. This is not a perfectly reasonable job. There are a number of reasons why back pain can be caused by gas. Therefore, it is necessary to take medicine with the advice of a doctor.

Pharmaco therapy

Physicians usually prescribe painkillers of the NSAIDS group, such as muscle relaxant sedatives, after various tests. Since the medicine has side effects or specific doses, the medicine must be taken with the advice of a good doctor or not.


The most advanced treatment for low back pain is physiotherapy. In this medical system, the doctor treats the patient with electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound therapy, lumbar traction, shortwave diathermy, ultraviolet rays, interferonsial therapy, hydrotherapy, laser therapy and various types of exercises. Moreover, during the course of treatment, specific orthoses or braces are applied to the waist.


If the patient’s condition does not change after a long period of pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy treatment, the doctor advises the patient to undergo lumbar spine surgery according to the condition. After the surgery, the patient has to continue the specific exercises for a long time as directed by the specialist.

Exercise daily
The only cure for low back pain is regular exercise. Low back pain is cured by regular practice of certain exercises as advised by the doctor.