Why should you never wear someone else’s glasses, you should never wear someone else’s glasses by mistake

Why shouldn’t never wear other’s glasses?

The power of each spectacle is determined according to the needs of his eyes.

How do we see with our eyes?

The eye is one of the five senses. It is through the eyes that the various phenomena of the visible world are reflected on the screen of the mind. Through the light-sensitive nerves in the retina, those signals create sensations in a particular part of the brain. Our lenses have a specific refractive index that helps the light beam to incident or focus correctly on the retina. With the help of power glasses, light is properly reflected to the retina. As a result, everything can be seen clearly again.

The power of the lens can be plus (convex) or minus (concave). Again, spherical cylindrical or compound plus or minus power lenses are used in spectacles as required. Match is not found. That is why you should never wear other people’s glasses.

People who have too much power in their eyes wear glasses regularly but those who have less power often do not wear glasses regularly due to various strange excuses. Symptoms such as frequent angina, watery eyes, eye fatigue, inattention to study, etc. can become regular companions.

When you are around 40 years old, almost everyone has difficulty in seeing things close to you (needle thread, reading books). This is called Prebiopia or Chalshe. Want to continue working. As a result, the problem is not solved. In addition, various eye complications continue to increase.

Spectacles should never be worn under the nose. Use both hands when wearing spectacles at the base of the nose so that the fittings of the spectacles will be fine. Sometimes it is better to adjust the spectacles. It is wise to take proper care of the essentials of their life.